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Events - Flyers, Promos, and Rose LIVE

I just love a picture to paint a thousand words!

I’ve collected a variety of flyers -made by me, venues, promoters or hosts.  Mostly made by me so I can get my picture in it and the venue when I’ve played there before.

I really like a visual of what you will see when you get there, don’t you?


I also added photos of me playing at the actual event, if I got any worth sharing.  I was surprised when I starting putting this together, it is kind of a scrapbook now.  This is not even everything, but it is already, probably, a bit of overkill. 

It’s me doing what I love -these last few years! 


A huge THANK YOU to all the un-credited people that were kind enough to take a few pics of me at these events.

Nashville Broadway day Rose and Taylor cp.jpg
Project Barley Square - Rose Redbirdi color collage
Ficklewood - Rose feeling B&W
Next Month
SOS Fest LB 2024
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