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   Indie Singer/Songwriter from the South Bay


    I'm Noelle “Rose Redbirdi,” am a native to Southern California, you can just call me Rose, for simplicity.  I have a long history of love for the music, film and television businesses.  Moving in and out of these fields over the years, I am now devoted wholeheartedly to music.  Performing with an Indie style, and rooted in the evolution of pop, folk and rock.

 - Feeling and sharing music in my body and soul.


    I am equally comfortable playing on a big stage as an opening act for a festival or band show, as I am in a small party or dinner club. Over the years I have been on all kinds of stages, with acting, musicals, music events and sports shows.

     Currently, I enjoy playing in more casual environments like the local South Bay clubs and special events, showcases, festivals including: Fiesta Hermosa, DiPiazza’s, The House of Blues, The Lighthouse, Saint Rocke, and Kulak’s Woodshed.

     Always updating my covers to expand on the classic favorites, I adapt and arrange these many styles for my female vocal, and guitar. In addition, I add rhythm/drums and bass with a customized band creator pedal.

     With influences of 60's to the present, music with a good feel, beat or vibe and a melody to carry the message of the lyric, and the current singer/songwriter styles - from artists like: Colbie Caillat, Pink, The Cure, Ed Sheeran, Imagine Dragons, The Weeknd, The Chainsmokers, Tom Petty, Steve Winwood, The Beatles, Creedence Clearwater Revival, and Elvis Presley.

Venues Played

Rose Redbirdi     Shows, Festivals,
                            Events and Showcases

Shannon's Corner – Downtown Long Beach

Recreation Park Band ShellLong Beach

Fiesta Hermosa – Java Man Stage 

PV Music Festival – PV Music House - Acoustic

Ficklewood Cider – Long Beach

Holiday Block Party – San Pedro

Farmers Market Special Event - San Pedro

DiPiazza's – Long Beach

Cozzi Café – Downtown Torrance

House of Blues – Anaheim

Campus JAX – Newport Beach

The Lighthouse Café – Hermosa Beach

Saint Rocke – Hermosa Beach

Kulak's Woodshed – North Hollywood 

Genghis Cohen – North Hollywood

Boomers – Long Beach

Kress Market – Long Beach

4th Friday on 4th – Long Beach

Goldies on 4th – Long Beach

Rebel Bite – Long Beach

Bixby Park – Long Beach

The Wine Bar – Long Beach

Pine Avenue – Long Beach

Made by Millworks – Long Beach

Sacred Grounds – San Pedro

Mystic Arts Band Night – Laguna Beach

Hellada Gallery – Long Beach

Art Walk Downtown – Long Beach

KLBC Radio – Long Beach

Crafted – San Pedro

Siren’s – San Pedro

The Brass Lamp – Long Beach

Suz’s Bar and Grill – Hermosa Beach

Angel City – Bellflower

Antique Fair – Downtown Torrance

3rd Street Promenade –Santa Monica

Old Torrance Coffee & Tea  Downtown Torrance

Recurring     Featured and
                         Special Guest

Project Barley Square – Torrance

Henney’s Tavern – Manhattan Beach

Project Barley – Redondo Beach

Patrick Molloy’s – Hermosa Beach

Hermosa Saloon – Hermosa Beach

Texas Loosey’s – Torrance

Roscoe’s Jazz Club – Long Beach

Project Barley – Lomita

Novel Café – Venice

Sidewalk Café – Venice

Surfside –Venice

The Elinor – Long Beach

Parker’s Lighthouse – Long Beach

Shoreline Village – Long Beach

Trip Bar – Santa Monica

Moose Lodge and Bar – Torrance

Fox Coffee – Long Beach

Grand Annex – San Pedro

Gina Woodruff Gallery – Long Beach

South Coast Corinthian Yacht Club 

– Marina Del Rey

Starboard Attitude – Redondo Beach

Back Home in Lahaina – Carson

O'Hearn's Pub Bar and Grill – Lomita

The Cave – Torrance

Zina’s – Torrance

Fundraisers and Other Events

Universal Bar and Grill – North Hollywood

Buffalo Firehouse Department – Downtown Torrance

KLBC.ORG Radio – Long Beach

Angel City – Bellflower

His Table – Bellflower

Kiwanis Club – Hermosa Beach

Comic Con - Los Angeles Convention Center

South Cities Hope Fundraiser Shows – Gardena

Knights of Columbus – Redondo Beach

Spectrum Kids Gym – Lawndale

Season’s Clubhouse – Redondo Beach

Rose Redbirdi Live - Highlight Promo Reel

Lovesong (The Cure) – What About Us (Pink)

I’m Still Here – Let’s Celebrate (Noelle Rose)

– Everything I Need (Skylar Grey)

Listen Now

Performing with an Indie style, and rooted in the evolution of pop, folk and rock -Feeling it in body and soul.


As original artist Rose Redbird, I willingly set my music out into the often youth dominated indie music world. And introducing originals on YouTube with unique experiences in all aspects of life.

I would love an opportunity to provide your venue with live music.  As a local singer/songwriter I’m happy to share select covers and originals -arranged for guitar and vocal, with a theme of hope and resilience.  I also provide background bass and drums, with a special band creator pedal.

Please let me know what you require so we can make this happen!  It would be great to see if we can get me on the calendar soon.


Noelle Rose


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